About Us

Our Vision:

To be Asia’s most comprehensive portal for any business requiring simple, good quality, pro-business and yet affordable legal documents.

Our Value Proposition:

  • We are owned by lawyers and managed by lawyers. Therefore, we are good at what we do.
  • We know it may be difficult for businesses to find a reliable lawyer when they need one. We know that businesses may find it difficult to communicate their business needs to their lawyer. We know that businesses find it hard to budget for legal costs when engaging lawyers. Yet, it is absolutely crucial for business interests to be protected by proper legal documents.
  • We want to solve the legal headaches of businesses. We want to make the production of legal documents necessary for businesses relatively straightforward and accessible 24 X 7. We want to make quality documents available to businesses at a reasonable and predictable cost.

Our Competition:

We are unique.

  • Our lawyers and advisers have many years of corporate practice experience.
  • We want to help start-ups, SMEs and foreign companies to enter the Singapore market on the right footing and using the proper legal documents.
  • We want to keep legal set-up costs for start-ups, SMEs and foreign companies to a manageable level.
  • We work with partners so that we can jointly deliver a comprehensive package for our clients.
  • We want to develop a long-lasting trusted relationship with our clients.


Headquartered in Singapore, LegalPack has a team of experienced legal practitioners, tech and marketing professionals.

Colin Chan

Colin Chan, Founder

Corporate lawyer with more than 20 years of legal experience.

"It has always been my wish to create a legal platform which can help businesses manage their legal costs. I was thrilled that this idea resonated with Dennis who comes from a rich tech background. With the combination of our expertise, we formed LegalPack with the vision of empowering businesses to self create simple and reliable legal contracts anytime anywhere. I know that entrepreneurs are often worried about whether they can secure an appointment with the right lawyer and whether they can afford the hourly charge of and final bill from a lawyer. Being an entrepreneur myself, I know these stresses add to the burden of running the business. Now, once entrepreneurs come onto our LegalPack platform, these stresses go away and they can concentrate on growth and expansion knowing full well that they have good legal contracts in place to protect their business."