Background of LegalPack

1. Who owns LegalPack?

LegalPack is owned by C2L Pte Ltd, a private limited company owned by individual shareholders who have many years of experience in law, software, and technology.  Colin Chan is the founding shareholder.

2. Who is the management team in LegalPack?

LegalPack is run by the Board of C2L Pte Ltd and the key management team includes the founder shareholder.  We may also engage advisors with different business background and experience to offer their views to the management team.

3. When was the company incorporated?

The company was incorporated on 16 November, 2016.

4. What is C2L Pte Ltd? How is it linked or connected to LegalPack?

The company owns LegalPack, which is the business operating name for the online contract editing platform.

5. How big is the LegalPack team? How many employees does LegalPack have?

Our management team consists of 3 members – 2 founder shareholders and a consultant advisor.  You can find out more from About Us.  We intend to recruit and grow the team strength as the business grows.

6. Where is LegalPack based?

We are based in and operate out of Singapore, and service clients from all over the region.

7. Where is LegalPack's office?

LegalPack’s registered address is at 50 Craig Road, #03-01, Singapore 089688. If you wish to visit our office, please contact

8. Who are your competitors?

We do not have any direct competitors. Our solutions and services are managed and backed by Singapore lawyers with overseas and local experiences.  The founders have more than 20 years of experience.  You can find similar companies by doing a search on the Internet.

9. Who are your customers? How many customers do you have?

We are sorry that we cannot give you any details due to our Privacy Policy.  However, our clients are from a diverse range of business sectors.  You can find out more by checking out examples of their testimonials on our website.

10. Is LegalPack a law firm?

No, LegalPack is not a law firm.  It does not offer any legal advice nor conduct any other consulting business apart from the online contract editing platform.

11. Is LegalPack properly licensed?

As an online contract editing platform and not a law firm, LegalPack does not need to hold any licence.  Please refer to our Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

12. If you are not a law firm, how do I get comfortable that your documents are properly drafted?

Among the team members, we have several individuals who have many years of legal practice experience in Singapore, particularly in corporate legal services. We understand the needs of businesses and have prepared the template agreements with this in mind.

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