Template Editor FAQ

1. The text is too small. Can the font size be increased?

Our template editor is developed based on your browser settings. You can change the font size by zooming in and out of the browser page.

2. The pop-up box is blocking my view of the template. Can it be moved?

You can close it anytime by clicking on the "x" in the top right-hand corner.

3. You have eSignature on your document. Is eSignature acceptable or legally binding in Singapore?

Yes, other than some documents, most contracts in Singapore can be signed using eSignature. If you see an eSignature field, it means that particular contract can be signed using electronic signature.

4. Why are there no eSignature fields enabled in the following templates:

- Promissory Note
- Power of Attorney
- Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity
- Deed of Termination and Release
- Tenancy Agreement
These contracts are required to be signed by parties in person. That is why we have not provided the Signature option for you. The contract will need to be printed and signed in person by all the parties to the contract.

5. What is Engrossing?

To engross a document is to produce and print in the final draft or the contract for signing by parties in person.

6. Why and when is there a need to Engross my document?

While the law permits some documents to be signed by parties using their electronic signatures, certain types of contracts which effect transfers of legal interest are required to be signed by parties in person. Thus, you may complete the details of the contract on your dashboard and then simply click “Engross”.  We will print multiple copies of the contract and deliver them to you. On receiving the documents, all the signatories must sign on the multiple copies of the contract, and every party should retain one set of contract which contains the original signatures of all the parties to the contract.

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