Other FAQ

1. I have a legal case and need to find a lawyer. Can LegalPack help me?

Presently, LegalPack does not offer a service on its platform to link potential customers with lawyers.  We will be able to refer practicing lawyers based on our team members’ network of business acquaintances.

2. I am told to have to sign some documents in front of a notary public. Can LegalPack help me?

LegalPack cannot notarise any document as we are not a law firm, and our team members do not practice law under LegalPack or the company.  We will be able to refer practicing lawyers who are notary publics to assist you.

3. I don't understand a particular Clause of an agreement in my package. Can you explain to me?

LegalPack cannot provide legal advice on the agreement.  Each document comes with a Preface explaining its purpose and the information you will require in order to fill up the document.  Within the editing platform, we also have prompters to guide you along as you fill up the fields.
We plan to tie up with law firms for their practicing lawyers to assist in explaining a query on a clause in any agreement our customers may have purchased.  This is however limited to clarifications only and does not allow a LegalPack customer to seek legal advice on any other matter. Contact Support@LegalPack.com if you have any queries.

4. Why do you have so many disclaimers on your LegalPack website?

As the practice of law is regulated and since users need to make a self-assessment of the suitability of any agreement to their business needs, we have intentionally set out clear disclaimers that, amongst other things, LegalPack does not provide any legal advice.  It is important for customers to know that LegalPack does not warrant or guarantee that any agreement they have purchased will fully meet all their needs and they should always seek independent legal advice if in doubt.

5. Do you know if there is any incentive scheme for SMEs like my business?

LegalPack does not advise on any tax or other incentive schemes which may apply to SMEs. We aim to participate in and be part of such schemes which promote the use of technology and innovation to improve business processes and will update all customers if and when this happens.

6. If I buy your package, can I claim any government grant?

Presently, LegalPack is not part of any scheme or grant administered by the government.

7. Can I change my email address? How?

Yes.  Just go to Settings in Your Profile, replace your email address and then click on Update to save the changes made.

8. Are you open to a collaboration? I'll advertise your services with my "social followers" and in return, I will get a free subscription?

Yes, we are always open to new ideas and to explore collaboration opportunities. 
Please send an email to LPSales@LegalPack.com and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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