You are an avid photographer but decide to take your passions off the ground and start a business in photography. However, you realize that in order for your business to gain traction, you need a more holistic offering of services in design and video production so you decide to work with your friends who are good in these fields.

However, your friends have day jobs and are only willing to offer their services on an ad-hoc basis. They agree to join your company as consultants.

We believe that you will need contracts such as a Tenancy Agreement, Employment Contract, Sale and Purchase Agreement (for Shares), Subscription Agreement, Shareholders’ Agreement, Deed of Termination and Release, Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity, Promissory Note, Consultancy Agreement and an Advisory Agreement.

In the photography sphere, becoming a good photographer includes not just a keen eye for beauty and detail, but also being able to tell the stories of others just by the flash of a camera lens.

While you focus on that, let us help you in the background with your contracts, looping you in whenever our LegalPack community has news relating to developments and trends in Consultancy.

Non-Disclosure Agreement


Terms of Service


Ordinary Power of Attorney


Employment Contract

Sale and Purchase Agreement (for Shares)

Tenancy Agreement

Subscription Agreement

Shareholders' Agreement (2 Shareholders)

Deed of Termination and Release

Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity

Promissory Note

Consultancy Agreement

Advisory Agreement