You and your business partner are intrigued by gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, amethyst, etc. You believe that they can be equally beautiful as diamonds as fashion jewelry. More importantly, they are more affordable and cost less.

In your business partner’s recent trips to several Asian countries, your business partner has come across many vendors and craftsmen that can provide good quality and genuine supplies of such gemstones rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Your market studies show that there is an excellent business opportunity if both of you were to set up an online store selling the gemstones. The studies also revealed that the online shop needs to upload clear and professionally taken pictures of the jewelry items, engage reliable suppliers and vendors, have fast checkout links with credit cards, timely shipping and delivery services for suppliers and customers, and finally a robust exchange or return policies.

We believe that you will need contracts such as a Shareholders’ Agreement(for 2 shareholders), Website Terms of Services for eCommerce, Sale and Purchase Agreements (for shares) and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

In this fashion jewelry business, you need to be alert of what is trending and stay ahead. To be competitive and remain trendy, you will need to constantly bring in new and innovative designs to delight your customers.

While you and your partner focus on that, let us help you in the background with your contracts, looping you in whenever our LegalPack community has news relating to developments and trends in eCommerce.

Non-Disclosure Agreement


Terms of Service


Ordinary Power of Attorney


Employment Contract

Sale and Purchase Agreement (for Shares)

Tenancy Agreement

Subscription Agreement

Shareholders' Agreement (2 Shareholders)

Deed of Termination and Release

Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity

Promissory Note

Website Terms of Service and Terms and Conditions of Sale (eCommerce)

Collaboration Agreement