You decide to set up your own retail shop selling high-end tailor-made dresses for socialites and the who’s who in town. You are by trade a tailor and your designs have been known to excite women who love dressing by and like to look good.

You rent premises, a small shop, in the Fashion Style Mall. You don’t have many staff, just 2 other junior tailors but you run a tight ship and business is good. However, you note that your tailors have not signed an employment contract with you and sometimes, things such as holiday days, sick leave and bonus pay come into contention with your staff. In the longer term, you are also thinking of sub-contracting the clothing fabrication to someone else so you can concentrate on designing your clothing.

Also, your sister’s boyfriend has decided to join you in the business and offer you some investment in order to grow your trade. As your business is growing, magazines have also offered to style their models with your clothing.

We believe that you will need contracts such as Shareholders’ Agreement, Tenancy Agreement, Sale and Purchase Agreement, Subscription Agreement, Deed of Termination and Release, Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity, Promissory Note, Appointment of Sub-contractor and the Supply of Goods Agreement.

In this fashion business, you need to be alert of what is trending and stay ahead. To be competitive and remain trendy, you will need to constantly bring in new and innovative designs to delight your customers.

While you and your partner focus on that, let us help you in the background with your contracts, looping you in whenever our LegalPack community has news relating to developments and trends in Fashion.

Non-Disclosure Agreement


Terms of Service


Ordinary Power of Attorney


Employment Contract

Sale and Purchase Agreement (for Shares)

Tenancy Agreement

Subscription Agreement

Shareholders' Agreement (2 Shareholders)

Deed of Termination and Release

Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity

Promissory Note

Supply of Goods Agreement

Appointment of Sub-Contractor Agreement