You are one step closer to your Silicon Valley dream. You now run a tech start-up and your latest product on offer is an in-app shopping experience that makes shopping for woolly knits fuss free and inexpensive.

You are super excited about your product launch next month as you have also paired up with a leading phone manufacturer to have your app as one of the leading featured apps in all newly bought phones! Already, you are brimming with new ideas for more interesting apps which you feel will be fun and commercially viable.

We believe that you will need contracts such as a Tenancy Agreement, Employment Contracts, Sale and Purchase Agreement (for Shares), Subscription Agreement, Shareholders’ Agreement, Deed of Termination and Release, Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity, Promissory Note, Software Development Agreement, Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights, a Software Licence Agreement and an Assignment of Rights in Software.

In this day and age of ever rapidly evolving modern technology, you need more than ever to make sure that your developers are focusing on making your app work well with no glitches!

While you focus on that, let us help you in the background with your contracts, looping you in whenever our LegalPack community has news relating to developments and trends in Fintech

Non-Disclosure Agreement


Terms of Service


Ordinary Power of Attorney


Employment Contract

Sale and Purchase Agreement (for Shares)

Tenancy Agreement

Subscription Agreement

Shareholders' Agreement (2 Shareholders)

Deed of Termination and Release

Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity

Promissory Note

Software Licence Agreement

Term Sheet (Seed Investment)

Seed Investment Agreement