You travelled to Italy last year to meet your cousin and his newly-wed wife, spending a month touring all of Florence and Tuscany. You loved the cuisine and your cousin’s wife owns a little provision shop selling Italian sundries and produce.

Upon returning to Singapore, you miss the experience and the food so much, you decide to set up your own “little shop” as well, distributing Italian produce that you order from your cousin’s wife in Italy.

You are now an official distributor of so-and-so Italian produce and have just started your own trading business, import-export, the works.

We believe that you will require contracts such as a Tenancy Agreement, Employment Contracts, Sale and Purchase Agreement (for Shares), Subscription Agreement, Shareholders’ Agreement, Deed of Termination and Release, Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity, Promissory Notes, Commission Agreements and Purchase Orders.

In order to fully focus on your passions and in order to be competitive, you will need to make sure that your supplies are always in stock and good to use.

While you focus on that, let us help you in the background with your contracts, looping you in whenever our LegalPack community has news relating to developments and trends in Trading.

Non-Disclosure Agreement


Terms of Service


Ordinary Power of Attorney


Employment Contract

Sale and Purchase Agreement (for Shares)

Tenancy Agreement

Subscription Agreement

Shareholders' Agreement (2 Shareholders)

Deed of Termination and Release

Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity

Promissory Note

Commission Agreement

Purchase Order